27 Best iPad and iPhone Apps for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens aren’t often thought of as a tech-savvy bunch, but times sure are changing. The baby boomers have had a decade or so to get comfortable with computers and technology, so many of them know their way around a smartphone. Today’s seniors have iPhones, iPads and other tech gadgets – and they know how to use them. Clear evidence of this trend can be seen in all of the senior-friendly apps Apple now has in the App Store. Read on to learn more about the 27 handy applications everyone’s grandparents should have on their devices.



WebMD (free)

WebMD is a one-stop shop that provides access to trusted health tips and information through their daily mini-magazine and archives.

Pillboxie ($0.99)

Pillboxie is a convenient medication management system that is as easy to use a dropping a pill in a box. Get reminders whenever it’s time for your next dose.

HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker ($0.99)

Quickly record and track changes in your blood pressure, weight and heart rate with the easy to use HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker application.

Motion Doctor

Motion Doctor ($6.99)

Motion Doctor, created by Dr. Desirea Caucci, is a powerful physical therapy aid and reference guide to help patients recover from injuries and stay healthy.

Games & Entertainment

Words With Friends

Words With Friends (free)

An addictive taken on the classic game of Scrabble. Get rid of the ads with the deluxe version of Words With Friends and find out why over 20 million people have played WWF.

Crosswords Classic

Crosswords Classic ($9.99

Download daily crossword puzzles from online newspapers and put your knowledge to the test.


Wurdle (free)

Wurdle is a find and trace word game with a twist; the clock is ticking.

Pandora (free)

Pandora Radio puts the control in the hands of the user. Create stations based on your favorite artists and albums and listen at your leisure.

Yesterday USA – Old Time Radio (free)

If you are a big fan of the old time radio shows of yesteryear, this is a must-have app. It features shows from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The shows are not publicly broadcast, so there are no royalty fees involved, and the app is a free download.


Free with a Netflix membership, this app lets you view thousands of movies and television programs on your iPhone or iPad.


Play the classic Scrabble game on your mobile device; now in six different languages!

Education & Learning

TED Talks

Listen to inspiring talks from today’s brightest minds with access to over 1,400 recorded video talks.

BBC News

Get all the political, business, entertainment, sports and technology news from “across the pond” with the BBC News app.


Goodreads is the largest book recommendation site in the world with over 500 million books recommended by 20 million members. Don’t head to the bookstore without it.


iBooks is a digital library that allows users to download and read books from all major categories. Just tap on a book title to open it up and “flip” through its pages.

Luminosity (free)

Luminosity allows users to dim the brightness on their screens beyond the lowest level that Android phones allow by applying an adjustable layer to the screen. Use your phone for hours without eye strain or discomfort.

Keeping in Touch

Dragon Dictation (free)

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition app that translates your spoken words into text. Why bother tapping away at the keyboard when you can simply speak your mind and have Dragon do the typing for you.

Flipboard (free)

Flipboard allows users to catch up on news, stay in touch with people and discover amazing new things about the world around them—all from the convenience of their phones.

Postcards (free)

The Postcards app allows you to send digital postcards to family and friends from anywhere in the world. Use custom designs to personalize your cards, and send as many as you like.

Skype (free)

Skype has revolutionized online video chatting and instant messaging, and their free app brings all of this convenience to your mobile devices. Use voice, video or chat to stay connected from the palm of your hand.

Other Helpful Apps

Find My iPhone (free)

Even the best of us misplace our phones from time to time, so the Find My Phone app is a must-have. It allows you to locate your phone and lock your data using any other iOS device, keeping your personal information secure and preventing thieves from making off with your iPhone.

The Weather Channel (free)

Keep up with the weather forecast on the go with the Weather Channel’s 15-minute weather tracker. Let their 200 meteorologists keep you apprised of every change in the forecast so you can plan your days accordingly.

Silver Surf (free)

Silver Surf takes the squinting out of using your mobile devices with handy tools such as High Contrast Viewing, Text Zoom and Large Button navigation.

Penultimate (free)

Penultimate is a clever new handwriting app that, along with Evernote (included), allows you to write notes with your iPad as if it is a piece of paper. The notes can then be safely stored and retrieved.

BugMe! Stickies Pro ($1.99)

Virtual sticky notes anyone? The BugMe! app allows users to get rid of all those yellow squares of paper floating around and keep little reminder notes on any iOS device for easy access.

Magnifying Glass with Light (free)

This convenient app turns your phone into a magnifying glass with an accompanying light. It’s perfect for reading in dark rooms or deciphering small text.

Epicurious (free)

Get complete (and free) access to more than 30,000 recipes from Epicurious.com, an award-winning site for gourmands and food aficionados.

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