8 Best Apps for Caregivers

A caregiver must juggle many things every day. Caregiver apps for smartphones were created and designed to help users organize schedules and store information, providing a great benefit for busy caregivers. There are doctor’s appointments, medicine reminders, phone numbers, schedules, insurance information, recipes, first aid, contact information and so many other details that a simple app can handle with relative ease.

It’s a good idea to look at the features available on the 8 best apps for caregivers on the market and compare what they have to offer before making a choice. The cost for any of them is very low, ranging from about $1 to $5. Those with web capabilities often require a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Because of the time and energy required to learn and implement a new system, the following information provides you with some basics and features each app offers.

In This Guide

1. Balance: For Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Just as the name suggests, this app has been designed specifically for caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer’s.



  • Emotional and behavioral changes of the senior loved one can be tracked and shared with doctors or other caregivers.
  • Provides information, research and news in regards to Alzheimer’s.
  • Includes a very useful medication management component.
  • Take notes that are pertinent to share with other caregivers, family members or medical personnel.
  • Keep track of doctor’s appointments.
  • Made for iPhone and iPad, this app is not Android or Web available yet.

2. Caregiver’s Touch.

This app boasts a calendar where all caregivers can place information. Its strengths lie in its collaboration features.



  • A great information storage portal protected by solid security.
  • Can coordinate responsibilities between several people relating to the care of the elderly senior.
  • Create up to 6 profiles for easy collaboration between people.
  • Available in an iPhone app or a monthly or yearly subscription for the full web access.

3. CareZone

. One of the free apps, this option can store the senior’s information for easy access with just a few clicks.



  • Store notes taken at physician’s appointments.
  • Easy access to medical information.
  • Organizes schedules and keeps track of chores needed to be done each day.
  • Ability to connect with other caregivers or senior’s family members who also have this app.
  • Ability to share essential information regarding care or schedules with selected individuals.
  • Option of leaving a voice message to yourself or send it to someone else.
  • Easy for family members of the elderly senior to use.
  • Ability to upload photos.
  • Capable of sending a voice message to groups of up to 100 who are on the app’s profile.

4. Caring Ties

This is a web app only, free service. It offers most of the same features you find in the other top rated apps.

caring times


  • Reminders for testing blood sugar levels.
  • Lists the elderly person’s medications and dosages and times.
  • Ability to record notes on the senior’s well-being.
  • Keep track of essential medical information; for example blood pressure readings.
  • Ability to share information, and allow different levels of access for different people.

5. Elder 411

Based on the extensive experience of geriatric care manager Marion Somers, Ph.D. This app is more of a self-help and informational tool than an organizer.



  • Audio tips and informational videos for caregivers.
  • Over 500 items of information and advice about caregiving.
  • Dr. Marion gives useful and thoughtful responses to questions.
  • Ability to share content with relatives and friends.
  • Can add personal notes to the content.
  • Great mobile resource for information. Doesn’t provide scheduling features.

6. Unfrazzle.

This is one of the few top-rated apps available on the Android system. It is also made for iPhone and iPad but not yet for web use. There is no cost for this time and activity manager.



  • Customizable time manager.
  • Highly technical; requires some time to learn how to set up and use.
  • Powerful task organizer can handle several categories at once, for example pain management, tasks for different caregivers, activity level, and exercise and sleep schedules.
  • Specialized time and activity manager. Can track medication, amount of food eaten, pain and behavior of the elderly loved one.
  • Create and upkeep a journal about anything related to caregiving.
  • Complex yet highly flexible.
  • Constant improvements from the developer.

7. CareCoach.

Can be used on both iPhone and Android system, this app is available at no cost.



  • Keep track of doctor’s appointments
  • Ability to record what the physician says at the appointment
  • Helps multiple caregivers collaborate with each other in regards to information stored on the online account. Users can choose who this information is available to.
  • Main highlight of this app is to co-ordinate the recordings taken at doctor’s visits with all the members of the group who are part of the online profile. For example, family members and all carers or caregivers.

8. Lotsa Helping Hands

. A calendar is the foundation for coordinating the efforts of all the caregivers involved in the senior’s care program. This app differs from some of the others available in that it specializes in organizing the team of carers who are in charge of the senior family member.



  • Requests for support can be posted on the calendar.
  • Records the schedule for the caregiving team.
  • Tracks contact information about all the registered carers.
  • Availability of a message board all carers can see so they can leave messages of encouragement for each other.
  • All versions of this app are available at no charge to the consumer.
  • Photo gallery, custom sections, help calendar, community building features, message boards are included.
  • Other features such as a newsletter and stories of other caregivers are a bonus with the app.


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