Top 15 Gift Ideas for Seniors

The elderly senior is probably the most difficult one to buy a gift for when the occasion rolls around. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or holiday, the following 15 suggestions will give you some great ideas to please the special senior loved one in your life.

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1. Custom Gift Basket

Custom Gift Basket

This gift is assembled from items you purchase that are specific to the needs or wants of your senior family members. Think of a hobby or a favorite food they enjoy and center the basket on that theme. For example, cheese and crackers and wine, instant hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, mugs and cookies or a basket of fresh fruit for the foodies. Or how about craft items for those who enjoy working with their hands.

2. Coffee or Tea


Gourmet hot drink mixes and blends are always welcome. Try a variety of favorite flavors or surprise them with something new they haven’t tried before, just for a change. How about a fancy coffee maker or single-serving ones designed for those who live alone.

3. Tablet or iPad


This gift is usually very well received, even for seniors who aren’t very computer savvy. With a fairly easy to learn operating system, the elderly family member can use their device to view pictures sent by friends and family, view videos, read eBooks, and surf the web. It helps them to feel connected even when they can’t see their loved ones in person as often as they would like to. Along with this gift, offer some hours of instruction so they can get set up with an email address as well as learn to communicate with family and friends on social media. 

4. Subscription Box

Subscription Box

A heartwarming gift that keeps on coming, every month. Your senior loved one gets a “care package” each month, full of personalized items including pictures and letters you send the company to include in the box. Filled with goodies to please almost everyone, a subscription box usually comes with a theme for the month. Fun and useful items accompany a special treat. For example, a fall box may include Thanksgiving items such as a roasted pumpkin seed snack, a cranberry scented candle, a small book on gratitude, a cup coaster in the shape of a fall leaf and some pictures of family. 

5. Classic Movie or Album

Classic movie

Does your senior loved one have a favorite film from yester-year? Go online and locate the movie or series they once loved and surprise them with the ability to watch it again. Include a snack and the offer to join them so they have company. Purchase some of their favorite music and set it up on an iPod shuffle or other device that’s easy for your senior to operate. They can enjoy their favorite songs anytime. 

6. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo

These bring joy into the heart of most seniors. The ability to see bright and lively pictures of their beloved children and grandchildren adds happiness to their day and helps them feel connected. 

7. Audio Books


Great idea for elderly seniors who have vision challenges, they are also a great choice for seniors who live alone and enjoy hearing someone else’s voice. They can also be purchased in follow-along versions, with text and audio.

8. Magazine Subscription

Audio Books

Most people have a favorite magazine they love to read. The elderly family member is no exception. Ordering a magazine for their gift is another type of present that keeps on giving. It’s a lot of fun for them to look forward to mail coming in the mailbox.

9. Blankets or Throws


Look for fleece styles, as they provide softness and warmth without the weight of cotton quilts. The fleece folds neatly around their legs and feet to keep senior toes warm and cozy while sitting. 

10. Loc8tor


A handy location device where the senior loved one can set a tag on items that keep getting misplaced. The homing device then uses wireless technology to locate the item and provides a signal to help in its location. This is handy for items such as eyeglasses, TV remotes, and other things that are easy to set down and forget where they were put.

11. Game Books

game books

Some of the more popular ones include Crossword puzzles, Word find, Sudoku, etc. Seniors who grew up without electronics used these types of puzzles and games for entertainment and to pass the time. They often enjoy going back to familiar activities such as these.

12. New Clothes 


It’s difficult for most elderly persons to go out and do some shopping. It’s a very tiring activity and they may have difficulty finding what they are looking for. Buying them some new clothes helps them feel special as well as avoid the stress of shopping.

13. A Family Trip

family trip

The prospect of going on a trip together is exciting for family members of all ages. Young ones jump for joy when they find out “Grandma” or “Grampa” is coming on the trip. It’s a great way for all family members to spend quality time together while relaxing and getting away from it all. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive trip or going to a remote place. Even a weekend getaway is a welcome change for your senior loved one.

14. Terrarium


These resemble a jungle in a bottle. They are fairly simple to care for and provide some nice greenery for your elderly parent to enjoy all year long. They provide beauty as well as freshen the air in the room.

15. Your Time


This is probably the most valuable gift you could possibly give to your aging parent. They would love nothing more than to enjoy your company as you spend time together or engage in an activity you both love. A great way to give this gift is to make them a personal coupon book. Each coupon in the book is good for a certain number of hours spent together or a specified activity you both participate in.

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