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For us to do the best job, we offer an in person consultation that allows us to gather the appropriate information to develop a highly effective, customized and flexible home care plan. Based on the program, we will select a caregiver that will best fit your personality, needs and preference. The goal is to better understand your situation and teach you about the ways we can help!

We offer a long list of non-medical home care services, each can be personalized to your needs. These services are available 24/7 including holidays and are provided by our professional caregivers and Personal Support Workers (PSW). All these services are also applicable to people dealing with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and those who are palliative.

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Bathing, Grooming & Oral Hygiene

Providing full personal hygiene assistance with bathing, oral, and hair grooming to keep them in good health. We can assist with dressing and grooming at the start and end of your day including tying shoes, buttoning shirts and shaving!

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Feeding & Special Diet

Assisting clients with eating as necessary and ensuring their diet is well-balanced while taking their medical conditions or prescribed diets into consideration.

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Transferring & Positioning

Supervising and assisting with ambulation (getting to and from a couch, sofa, bed, wheel chair, etc.) and seeking to prevent falls.

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Mobility Assistance

Helping with exercise and physical activities and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle in order to increase mental alertness, decrease stress, improve digestion, strengthen muscles (including the heart) and lower blood pressure.

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Medication Reminders

Welcome Home Care is happy to administer any and all prescribed medications at the appropriate time as well as help them open containers and read labels.


Meal Preparation and Cleanup

Preparing and serving hot and delicious meals and providing cleanup services. This helps seniors maintain a healthy diet full of well-balanced meals.

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Laundry and Linen

Caregivers will attend to your personal laundry as well as linens and bed sheets. Washing, drying and storing away are all part of this service.

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Transportation and Errands

We are happy to accompany clients as needed.  This may include medical appointments, salons, barber shops, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, or even mail pick up.  We are also happy to run these errands for you if that’s what makes our clients life easier!

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Light Housekeeping

Clean up in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom including dusting, sweeping and vacuuming. May also involve activities such as taking the garbage out, changing/making the beds and straightening rooms.

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Conversation, Friendship and Recreation

Providing companionship, socialization, friendship and support by going on walks and participating in stimulating activities such as board and card games, crafts, hobbies and puzzles. Other activities include attending plays, church, meetings and concerts and visiting friends. These activities help promote physical and mental well-being, happiness and improve their overall quality of life.

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Respite Care

Relieving family members who are responsible for looking after their loved ones. Taking over their duties gives them time to get much needed rest, get out and do something fun or complete other responsibilities such as running errands or shopping.



Please call for pricing, we’re happy to give you a quote over the phone.



Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are highly qualified, committed individuals who are personally and thoroughly screened.

We employ caregivers as well as Personal Support Workers with CPR and First Aid Certification.